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Payment Methods and required ID.

On 3rd December 2012, the Government decided to ban cash payments in the context of selling or purchasing scrap metal . The accepted methods of payment were changed accordingly.

It is an offence to pay, or receive cash, for the sale or purchase of scrap metal as a metal merchant. As a result, J Blackburn & Sons Ltd complies with the following fully compliant methods of payment. A bank transfer/BACS payment, a crossed cheque or as an alternative, a Metalcashcard debit card, which can be used a any normal debit card to withdraw funds from a cash machine.

Anyone wanting to buy or sell scrap metal has to comply to all legislation. Suppliers will have to produce a photo card drivers licence or an up to date passport accompanied with a utility/bank statement dated within 3 months of transaction. No other forms if identification will be accepted.

Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is a fast and straightforward method of transferring funds. All that is required is your bank sort code and account number. The money will arrive in your account by the end of the same working day. Plus, this transfer is free of charge.

Cheque Payment

A printed, crossed cheque may be issued to our customers for the sum of money owed. This cheque may be deposited directly into a bank account. This service is also free of charge.


J Blackburn & Sons Ltd in conjunction with Metalcashcard, offer a payment option of a debit card to which the funds are immediately placed into the clients account (less a small loading fee), to which the debit card can be used to withdraw funds from a ATM or used as any normal debit card.


Required Identification

All customers are required to produce the relevant ID of a photo drivers licence or an up to date passport, accompanied with a utility/bank statement, within 3 months of transaction. The relevant ID is scanned and kept on file.

driving licence

CONTACT our metal recycling experts for more information about our payment options.