Choose Professional Scrap Metal Recycling Services

When it comes to non ferrous metal scrap recycling, look no further than J Blackburn & Sons Ltd. Established since 1918. Our well-established family based company, now in it's third generation, has delivered impeccable scrap metal services to a wide array of customers locally, nationally and world wide. J Blackburn & Sons Ltd recycle all grades of copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, lead and nickel alloys.

What We Offer

Our company purchases non-ferrous scrap metals, including all grades of copper, aluminium, brass, and nickel alloy. The scrap metal recycling service we perform necessitates purchasing from merchants, businesses, organisations, and contract work. Our scrap metal recycling is great for the environment – and fantastic for your pocket. That’s because we pay premium prices for all grades of non-ferrous scrap metals. Plus, we offer various payment terms.


The copper grades we recycle includes:

  • Dry Bright Wire (Milberry)
  • Greasy Bright Wire (Fatberry)
  • Electro-Copper
  • New Copper Tube (Candy)
  • 98% Copper Scrap (Cliff)
  • Copper Granules (Clove)
  • Tinned Copper
  • Copper Cylinders
  • No2 Copper Wire (Birch)
  • Braziery Copper
  • Pyro Copper Cable


The bronze and gun metal we accept includes:

  • Phosphor Bronze Crown Wheels
  • Phosphor Bronze Solids and Borings
  • Gunmetal Solids and Borings (Ebony)
  • Aluminium Bronze and Turnings
  • Brass and Copper Radiators (Ocean)


The brass grades we recycle include:

  • New Brass Cuttings (Label)
  • Brass Rod Scrap (Noble)
  • Brass Rod Swarf (Night)
  • Brass Turnings (Erin)
  • Mixed Brass Scrap (Honey)
  • Brass Water Meters

Cable Recycling

Within our 2 units, we have the facility to accommodate all grades and sizes of scrap copper and aluminium cables. This includes household, armoured, lead-armoured, and multi-core scrap. Materials are separated into their various grades and processed in-house by our cable recyclers. This is achieved using the latest equipment, including a Four Shafted Forrec 1300 TQ Shredder and a Mg Recycling™ Matrix 610 VZT cable  granulation plant with a separate Wagner pre-shredder and a bespoke over-band magnet which removes any ferrous contaminants. Our plant is capable of processing up to 100 tonnes of material per week. Cables of various sizes are also stripped on-site using various cable strippers.


The lead grades we accept include:

  • Scrap Lead
  • Solder Joints
  • Various Solder
  • Lead Acid Batteries

5. Nickel Alloys

We accept a number of nickel alloys, including;

  • Nickel Solids
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • 304 Stainless Solids and Turnings
  • 316 Solids and Turnings
  • 310 Solids and Turnings
  • Chrome Iron

6. Aluminium

The aluminium grades we accept includes:

  • Clean and Painted Extrusions (6063)
  • Quadrant
  • Lithographic Sheets
  • New Aluminium Cuttings
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Cast Aluminium
  • Old Rolled Aluminium
  • Aluminium Turnings
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Thermal Break Sections
  • Aluminium and Copper Radiators
  • Mixed Aluminium
  • Irony Aluminium

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