Metal Processing

J Blackburn & Sons Ltd provides a wide array of metal processing services. We have a wide variety of state of the art processing equipment to produce an end product to worldwide refinery, smelter and foundry standards. The prime piece of equipment is the cable granulation plant. Four metal cutting shears are dedicated to segregating a variant of grades. Material is packed into briquettes using a metal baling machine ready for dispatch. Two cable strippers process a variety of copper and aluminium cables to extract plastic and steel sheathing to produce a final product. Gas forklifts with fitted rotators aid the quick turnaround of collections and deliveries.

MG Recycling Matrix 610 VZT cable granulation plant.

Our cable granulation plant on site offers a unique service to many generic scrap metal merchants. The capability to process a variety of Copper cables of various diameters and makeup, puts J Blackburn & Sons Ltd in an advantageous position to give a premium rate to Merchants, Businesses and contract work.

The process of cable granulation.

Cable of all variants are pre-sorted to a specification to the customers needs. All attachments and contaminants are removed to enable the quality of the end product is to foundry standards. Cable is initially feed into a primary Forrec 1300 TQ four shafted shredder, to reduce the size and extract any foreign contaminants, and then fed into a Wagner 30 pre-shredder, which breaks the material into smaller pieces. The material is then transported through a conveyor with a drum magnet to a holding vessel, to which releases the material to a second conveyor. The goods are then fed into the main MG 610 VZT granulation unit, in which 12 blades break the material into small granules, to which the material is sent to  the table to which the final process of separation occurs, the shaker table then divides the plastic and copper product. The plastic product is recycled to produce the likes of motorway cones and other goods. The copper product is delivered to copper refineries mainly in Europe and the far east

Aluminium Can Recycling Centre

J Blackburn & Sons Ltd have the facilities to recycle aluminium cans. The process incorporates the pre-sorting of the material via a can sorting machine, fitted with an overband magnet to extract any ferrous metal. The goods are then processed into briquettes to a foundry standard product.