j blackburn and sons ltd 

established 1918

non ferrous metal merchants and cable processors

Sell Your Scrap Metal to Our Recycling Company


1. Scrap Metal Merchants

For almost 100 years, J Blackburn & Sons Ltd has carried out expert metal recycling services. We’ll purchase your materials for use in our recycling process.


2. Best-in-Class Facilities

Learn more about the expansive facilities utilised by our company. We have the capacity to accommodate large orders.


3. Our Processing Method

Find out what happens to the scrap metal we source. Our processing includes grade separation and uniform batch production.


4. Compliant Payments

J Blackburn & Sons Ltd does not accept or provide cash payments, in keeping with legislation. However, we do accept alternate payment methods.

About Us

Since we were first established in 1918, J Blackburn & Sons Ltd has provided an extensive array of metal recycling services. Based in South Yorkshire of the UK, our reputable company assists clients and customers throughout the UK and across the world with first-rate services backed by over 30 years experience in the trade and incorporating the very latest recycling equipment and technology.

A family-owned business in its third generation, J Blackburn & Sons Ltd deals primarily in all grades of non ferrous scrap metal and a variety of cables for recycling purposes. In 2006, we relocated to a brand-new unit in Barnsley in order to accommodate the growing needs of our business. In spring 2012, we expanded again to take over the adjacent unit – doubling our working space to 10,000 square feet. With access to the live LME market prices, we are able to provide up to the minute market rates, excellent service, in a friendly manner and in a modern clean environment. Our customers/buyers are refineries, smelters and foundries, based in the UK, Europe and the Far East, enabling the business to quote competitive terms to scrap merchants, small businesses and door trade.

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